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Virtualization. Made easy

IsardVDI is a free software desktop virtualization platform.

Get started

To get started, you just need Docker and Docker Compose:

git clone
cd isardvdi
cp isardvdi.cfg.example isardvdi.cfg
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

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Easy to install

There's no need to be an expert to install IsardVDI

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Fast. Really fast.

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IsardVDI grows with your needs

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Windows, Linux

Virtualize Windows, Linux or any OS KVM compatible

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After testing other virtualization platforms we realized that they didn’t fully adapt to the quick response we expected from a desktop virtualization software. We wanted something simple, lightweight yet powerful, so we decided to create our own platform that provides an incredibly more agile desktop virtualization deployment, while also lowering costs and reducing implementation times.


  • Alberto Larraz
  • Josep Maria Viñolas
  • Néfix Estrada
A screenshot of IsardVDI. There's a left column with a menu, and the current activated tab is 'Desktops'. In the main section there's a table with different desktops, and there are two of them started: 'Windows 10 audio compress' and 'KDE Neon'. Also, there are two viewers opened (one for each started desktop) showing the 'content' of the VM


Do you have a question? Do you want to contact with us? Send us a mail at or open an issue at Gitlab!